Saturday, September 27, 2008

Book Cliffs

Elk Hunt in the Bookcliffs

Kaycee and my Dad drew elk tags in the bookcliffs roadless area this year, it was so much fun! We had quite the crew with us we had Kaycee, Steve C., Cory V., my Dad, Matt T., Shad, Todd, Clay, Me, Jade & my Mom and not to forget my Dads dog Spot. and 21 horses.

because it is the roadless area any thing you want to take has to fit on the horses, we had an awesome camp because we packed so many horses. Other hunter would ride through our camp and say things like wow you guys brought in a whole city it was super funny.

Most of us were there for seven days, and after seven days neither hunter had killed anything so my dad, Kaycee, and our friends Cory & Todd stayed another seven days. Two days after we all left Kaycee shot his huge bull.

Unfortunately my Dad passed up lots of big bulls. He was hunting one that he wanted, he ended up wounding him but they could never find him again. They had to leave without filling his tag. Camping and hunting is so much fun I am so glad we got to go and enjoy for awhile, I have the funnest family we enjoy times like these so much.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well here I go again. We are so exited and a little nervous this time but mostly exited. I found out I was pregnant again about 3 weeks ago but Jade doesn't like me to spill the beans till I see the Doctor. Yesterday I went and everything looks good I had an ultrasound there was only one heart beat I was hoping for 2 but 1 is FABULOUS! I am due April 26 I pray it comes fast because I already feel like I have been pregnant forever. ( I have been pregnant 9 out of the last 10 months and will be for another 7)