Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is a really scrambled post.
Let me start with Briten the tiny Tornado that hits my house daily...
He is so dang cute.
We love him more than anything.
He is standing all on his own, but has yet to take those first steps.
He goes all over holding on to furniture.
Says Mama & Dada.
Still has no teethe
Wants to eat anything I am eating, on top of all the baby food.
Loves to make out with my face, I don't know why he just cant give a polite little kiss I guess he thinks I need to shower.
Is happiest when I am holding him, i don't know why we even bought toys he just likes me.
He is 8 1/2 months old and is wearing 18-24 month size.
This was his first time to see Santa. He was falling asleep on his lap not the reaction I was expecting I thought He would attack his beard or something.

The NFR was fun as always!

This was the very first present Briten had ever opened in his life, pretty much Jade did it for him he wasn't really interested

2nd time seeing Santa pretty much the same reaction.

This is a ball pit Santa Brought we have more balls on order it was so lame that it only came with like 15 balls

Briten & Daxtyn Love their new horses.

I hosted my family for Christmas this year there is not to many of us so its not that stressful my Grandparents came from TX and my uncle and his family came from California

Briten got spoiled this is all his new toys that he doesn't really care about, i guess i should have just gotten more clothes.
We have had a super fun, busy month!