Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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The Blessing

Jalees dad gave her a beautiful blessing on Sunday April 17th

I think she looked beautiful in her blessing outfit!!!

Britens Birthday

The Cake

too many kids in our little bounce house

Looking for Birthday eggs

Birthday Egg Hunt

Pin the tire on the tractor

The pinata


Baylee, Daxtyn, Howdy, Ky, Briten & Addie

This was the night of Britens actual Birthday when I got home from Bunko I layed them next to each other both dead asleep while I went to brush my teethe and when I got back they were both still out and holding hands (So Sweet)

This is the cake my mom got him for his actual Birthday Day!

This was his Birthday breakfast I made him

Jade had to work on his real Birthday so the night before we set his presents up in the garage and had cup cakes we gave him an all terrain trike, wheel barrow and little pitch fork, some tractors, a kite and some guns. he was pretty happy!

We love our little 2 year old even if he does act like one!


We took a little trip to AZ we were gone 10 days in the trailer we borrowed Shads trailer which was really nice I cooked lots of food before left and did quite a bit of cooking in the trailer it was a fun trip even though Jade got sicker than he has ever been before, we made a trip to urgent care but they said he just had the flu that kinda sucked it was a fun trip but it sure felt good to get home and stretch out.

We started our trip by going to the rodeo in laughlin then headed over to AZ so jade could practice with his partner but due to his illness didn't get to rope much. from there we went to logandale to the rodeo where the wind blew hard all day so me and Jalee stayed in the trailer almost the entire day, from there we headed to Pocatello with a stop off at my parents on the way then home from Pocatello!


March 24-27 we were able to go say at some friends condo at Eagle Mountain ski resort it was a fun little snow weekend, we didn't get to do as much skiing as we hoped but it was still fun being hunkered down in the condo with my family Bronx wasn't feeling good so Bronx and jaz didn't get to go :( Jade, Shad and Kaycee also did a little snowmobiling and got a little out of control they all came back with some funny stories and bruises to show us. Jalee had a little cough when we went and it got worse while we were there so Jade and I took her down to see a doctor in Beaver they tested her for RSV the test came back negative but the doctor still diagnosed her as having it she also had an ear infection so they put her on amoxacillin and told us to keep an eye on her breathing lucky for us and her she got over it really fast. It was a really fun little trip thanks to the Dentons for borrowing us their condo and thanks mom for planning it!