Friday, January 30, 2009


Heres to the best mom!
(sorry for the ugly pic. I need more of us together)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

High School Basketball

Last night we went to watch Jades little brothers basketball game in Manti, it was such a fun game to go to, and the closest one to Roosevelt. South Sevier was ranked 2ND in the region and undefeated, Manti was ranked 1st with one loss. South Sevier was awesome they held the lead the entire game but not by far it was so fun to watch, and Rhett played so good. Now South Sevier is #1 and still undefeated.
GOOD LUCK with the rest of the season GO RAMS!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I forgot my camera at home for Christmas so I dont have any pictures but it was a really nice Christmas our families are so awesome and make Christmas so much fun. Me and Jade never know what to get each other so we just get something big that we need, this year we got our changing table and crib bedding and Jade ordered himself a saddle but he says that it isn't part of Christmas but I say it is. I think we are going to get our nursery put together this month when Jade gets home from a few rodeos I will post some pics if we really ever get it set up.
Thanks to our families for such an amazing Christmas.


Well every year while in Vegas I have my birthday as well as Daxtyn this year my G-Ma & G-Pa Allen were there so before they left we had a joined B-Day party at Benihannas it was so fun there were like 30 people there.

The next night which was my real birthday a bunch of friends went to the Cheesecake Factory.

You would think at the Cheesecake Factory they would give you a bigger birthday dessert.
I forgot to take pictures of the best part of my Birthday. When I got to Vegas Jade had left a huge bouquet of roses and a bunch of gifts in our room for me it was such a sweet surprise. oh and my favorite cake from Costco it is so chocolaty and delicious. I think he had a little help from my mom but she swears it was his idea.

NFR 2008

This year was extra special at the NFR because Kaycee was riding there. It made it sooo much fun. My Mom and Dad were there all 10 nights Jade and Shad I think were there for 9 and me, Jazlyn and Daxtyn were there the last 6. But Kaycee waited for me to get there the first night that i was there he won the round it was AWESOME! (He should have won more) (those damn judges LOL)

This was at the award ceremony where they give out the buckles. The whole family went on stage.

They asked my Dad to say some things about Kaycee, my Mom really wanted to brag on her baby but they didn't give her the mic. LOL

These are Kaycee's traveling partners I like to call them his wife and kids, they are so dang funny they have some really fun times together.(sometimes I think too much fun).