Sunday, January 23, 2011

His Words

Briten is picking up new words constantly I think it is so cute and I am forgetting some already so I thought I would post some of the cute ones that I remember before I forget them, There are lots he says clear but I like the funny ones!

Shish = Fish
Dat Way = That Way
Bein Bee = Binky
Watch Dis
Kratder = Tractor
Who dat was = Who was that (when we get off the phone)
Whos dat is = Whos is that
Nat Nee = Nasty

I know there are more funny ones I am forgetting so maybe I will add them as he says them.

And hopefully my next post will be Anderson family, +1 beautiful baby girl!
We are getting so excited!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow X

Last night Kaycee got us tickets in a suite at the Snow Cross at Rio Tinto Stadium it was cool, a little boring since it was basically the same thing over and over but it did get a little exciting when they would wreck.

Briten thought it was pretty cool he especially liked watching the snow cat regroom the track.

Kaycee got to spend the whole day there with this guy that he is presenting the award to and his team, because Kaycee's guy won he had to go down and present the award and be interviewed a little about rodeo and his love for snowmobiling.
they gave him the VIP treatment.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas in Annabella with Jades family this year and Santa found us and this is what he left!

It was really fun to watch Briten open presents this year he made sure all the paper was off then he would take the gift to Jade and wait patiently for him to open it.

Kaycee gave Briten some tools and I dare say they are his favorite toy!

We had a great Christmas and feel so blessed for all we have, we are getting excited to meet baby girl she is going to be here so soon and we cant wait, I have a feeling 2011 is also going to be a great year!