Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Stuff

So i know it has been FOREVER since I have posted, I am going to try to be better these are just random pics that were on my camera since my last post. hopefully I have put enough info on here to spark a memory one day when we look through the blog book that I always print as my journal.

gotta have a tub Picture


Cutting Wood

Park City

Rodeo Kid


Just Around the house


More Rodeo Kid pics

Fourth of July

When I got the walker out for Jalee Briten thought it was super cool for awhile he fell asleep like this in it Haha

Texas Trip

and the zoo

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Kids

Im so far behind on posting but here is a little update for now...

Okay so Jalee is now 4 months old and getting close to 5

she weighs 15 lbs and is in the 85 %

she is 23.25 inches which puts her in the 10%

the doctor called her a bowling ball

She is starting to like briten she actually smiles at him and watches his every move she seems way less annoyed by him

She sits up almost on her own the Doc said she was really strong for her age.

She Laughs

She eats Rice Cereal

Shes Cute

Shes Fun

She got her ears peirced

She still sleeps good

She travels good

We lover her to peices we think she is the CUTEST BEST Baby in the Whole WORLD!

As for Briten

He is always Happy

He constantly makes us laugh

He still LOVES tractors, Tags and His BB (Binki)

He loves to rope and Yeehaa (Ride Horses)

He Never Stops, he puts the energizer bunny to shame

He doesnt seem to be to close to being potty trained :(

He is so Handsome

He is really sweet

He LOVES Jalee

He is the Best most Cutest Toddler in the whole World!

We love our children more than words can tell, we are so blessed.

More funny word that Briten says... Cop Car = Pop Tart

Arruvru = I love you

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 Months

This is my attempt at Jalees 3 month pics by me. I plan on doing more today she didn't last to long yesterday!

Jalee is weighing in at around 13 lbs and i cant remember how tall she is i need to measure her at her 2 month check up she was in the 10th percentile for her head and height and in the 75th for her weight

She lights up when her Dad is near by and she sleeps at least 7 to 9 hours at night

she is the sweetest little thing we just love her

I keep thinking Briten is going to get sick of her but he hasn't he gives her probably upwards of 50 kisses a day and it drives her crazy he loves to hold her and lately he has been lifting his shirt telling me "Jalees wants to eat and I will do it" he want to feed her. she is trying to do sit ups so I think she will be sitting up before too long