Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4th Month Check Up

Briten weighed in at...
17.3 lbs., 75th Percentile
25 1/2" tall, 70th Percentile
and is wearing 6-9 month
He's pretty BIG!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picture Overload

For our 4th Anniversary we went to park city and had a blast it was way funner this year having Briten there with us! Briten LOVES snuggling his Daddy but his Daddy LOVES it evan more! We stayed at a super nice place but we checked in at 10 PM and checked out at 10 AM we weren't there long but it sure was fun!

Briten and Jade enjoying the back patio )we have updated the patio furniture since this picture)! I don't know why though the card table is pretty sweet!

Briten and Grammy Coreen at Payson Pool!

First plane ride to Texas!

Briten & Great Grandma Brenda!

Me and my boy enjoying my grandparents pool!
We had so much fun in Texas thanks Grandma & Grandpa cant wait to see you again soon!

At a Birthday party my dad was a sport and got his face painted just like Shads little boy! Briten also got in on the fun his is a thinking bubble that says MMM... Boobies

A blurry Family shot in our summer home! (A.K.A the horse trailer)

My handsome chunk waiting for cereal!

My Mom and her boys!

Briten with his Grammy and his Aunts on the 4th of July we were able to squeeze in a BBQ in Richfield on the 4th! well I was able to Jade got deathly ill and didn't come out of the trailer!

More fun at Payson Pool!

In Reno our hotel had this huge chair I figured it was a great photo op!