Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Love my Boys!!!

For our Anniversary this year I told Jade he had to plan it so I figured we wouldn't do any thing or I would plan for us to go to Park City just like the past 4 years. But he actually had a fun plan he rented us a little cabin in Flaming Gorge it was so fun I would recommend it for any family!
We fished, had a fire, had smores, and toured around the area.
the only down fall was there were no TVs I had our travel TV but the only movies we had were Barney. but we survived without TV and had a blast!
Our cute little Cabin!
Our cute little boy! Briten was in Heaven the second we got there!
The cute little dock at the private lake that our cabin was on!
Outside the restaurant they had these bird and chipmunk feeders Briten LOVED to watch the animals!

We didn't fish a ton but what we did we didn't even get a bite!
The Red Canyon Lodge had a little shed full of chopped fire wood that you can just help yourself to each cabin has a fire pit outside and a wood stove inside.

We had a busy exhausting forth of July weekend lots of rodeos and late night drives so on the 4th we didn't do anything we were so lazy! But on the 5th we decided to pack a picnic and load up the four wheeler and go on the mountain.

We found this cool cave that Jade went through me and Briten didn't go because you had to cross a river on a tiny log.

We were still worn out from the weekend so we caught a little shut eye!

Briten LOVE LOVE LOVES the outdoors and I cant blame him.

I had such a fun time with my boys I feel so blessed to call them mine!