Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Briten is 10 Months old now and HOLY COW he is busy!
23 lbs
running around every where
loves to dance to music
still sleeps with me and Jade
finally weaned
loves to be outside
thinks hes an interior decorator moving things around all day
he has this favorite platter that he gets out of the cupboard and carries around with him
hates having his diaper changed
loves his Binky
he loves me and Jade equally I thought he would prefer on over the other but he doesn't
ALWAYS smiling

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catch Up

This is Jory and us I dont have a picture of Britney I wish I did because 1. she gorgeous & 2. she was more than 8.5 months preggers and such a trooper!

A while back we were invited with our friends Britney & Jory to go to there family ranch in Colorado, the ranch was absolutely gorgeous! And it was so nice to get out of Roosy Town, they own an elk ranch and it was the annual take inventory on the Elk weekend so Jade and Jory got to get in and get their hands dirty, the elk needed wormer and ear tags and some other things but anyways it was really neat to get that up close and personal with the elk. Thanks guys it was way fun!!!

And we girls got in on the fun too when we went snowmobiling
This is our new dog Chip possibly soon our old dog Chip lets just say we arent the best dog people! give us 100 babies someone else deal with the puppys.
My bestest old friend Emily came out to stay with her little guy Milo it was so fun we stayed up until like 2 AM (who knows what we talked about & dont worry we didnt keep the babies up that late we put them to bed at like 1). While they were here we went to Jazlyns Grandparents to go swimming but the pool that is normally to hot to swim in was freezing. We also went to the Dino. museum and I have to say for Vernal I was quite impressed.

And in January it was my turn to host Bunko it was so fun the theme was "The Boiling Pot" we had a pot fulling of boiling hot shrimp and sat in the boiling hot tub and for desert we fried twinkies in boiling hot oil!