Monday, March 29, 2010

Comb Wash

This last weekend we went camping down to Comb Wash. It is down near Blanding I have been going camping there ever since I was little, but I hadn't been for a long time it is my FAVORITE place to camp. There are Indian ruins everywhere and we ride our horses to some that not very many people have been to, we didn't go to those ones this time because it is just to long of a ride for the little kids but there is broken pieces of pottery all over and arrowheads if your lucky. Briten was such a trooper we went on a 4.5 hour horse ride and he didn't even fuss once he did so good! enjoy some pictures from our trip.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun Times

This weekend we went to a rodeo in Ogden Jade was up Friday night and Saturday morning so we unwinterized the trailer so we could stay in it. We love to stay in the trailer so that was fun then on Saturday we decided to stop at the Zoo on our way home it was so fun the animals were all out I think we saw everything. Briten loved the animals there were a few times we would walk away and he pointed and kinda fussed until we went back and let him see them a little longer.

It was Jades 26th Birthday I had fun plans but they got ruined by his city league basket ball tournament. (I was really pissed).
Jade got lots of presents
his parents went in on a smoker with me and Briten
Briten got him a new summer outfit & a hunting knife
and I got him some more clothes
my parents gave him money to get a massage which we didn't get because of b-ball
all in all it was a great Birthday!!

Disney on Ice
Me, Briten, Amanda, Addie, Ky, Lotti, Cotter & Rhenn all went to see Disney on Ice it was super fun! I wore really uncomfortable boots and ended up walking around SLC in my socks other than that idiotic move by me we had a blast. Briten didn't blink the first 20 minuets he was so into the Cars it was really cute and all the other kids didn't hardly wiggle they LOVED IT!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I got Britens 1 year old (yikes) pictures taken today check out my stud muffin at Jami did a GREAT job i love them!!!