Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Britens Birthday!!!

Yesterday was Britens 1st Birthday!!
but we celebrated on Sunday we had a fun fun party Briten was a little grumpy for 1 thing he started getting teethe finally and for another he missed a few naps with all the excitement but it was still a great party. Thanks all who helped celebrate!
Me and Jade gave him a slide and a wheeler and he loves them both!
which makes me very happy because I wasn't sure what to get him.

He also got spoiled by all his friends and pretty much plays with everything he got!

He was pretty sugared out and tired by cake time because we had doughnuts for breakfast and I let him have his very, own plus all the Grandmas and Aunts & Uncles sneaking treats but he still loved it.

This is his cake (I didn't make it)
and cookie pops that I wish I had made.

He looks really mean in this picture but hes not.

Jade being a big helper getting the decor up!

I'm not even going to try to express the amount of love we have for Briten because I know it isn't possible to even to justice to what is in my heart. I will just say this last year has been the best yet, by far!!!!!