Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We went to the Doctor last Mon. and my sweet Doctor let me have an ultrasound to help calm my nerves, during the ultra sound we got a little peek and saw a little pee pee! We are super excited to be blessed with another boy! My next appointment is my scheduled ultrasound the big "20 weeker" I will feel pretty dumb if it changes but the Doc. said he was 100% sure, so anyways just a little update hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Favorite Trick or Treater

Daxtyn was my only trick or treater because we were gone that evening and he came over in the morning isnt he the cutest mini me of my dad.

Lewies Birthday

My Dads Birthday was the day we got home from OKC so we had a little dinner party at my house.
Happy Birthday Dad!


Jade, Shad & Shads brothers in law Kaden & Rhen all entered the USTRC finals in Oklahoma City so we made a small trip of it.

Nobody won but we still had a fun trip, minus the truck getting the widow broke out and Jazlyns purse being stolen.

The Deer Hunt

I had a southern tag so Jade and I went to Richfield for a few days which is always fun. Jade got his ole best buddy Bryan to take us, it was so fun Bryan brought his girlfriend Jonie (who is a blast)

We didn't hunt to hard, Jades Dad kept asking when we were going to go "Deer Hunting" not just "Deer Driving". The last day me Jade and Bryan went out we did do a little hiking, I shot at a little 2 point and lucky for Bryan and Jade I missed.

Hunting is one of my favorite parts of fall even if we don't get one!


Bunko was so fun! Thanks to all my awesome friends who came!

I had bunko at my house and almost everyone came out and a few Even spent the night we had a blast!