Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is our beloved horse Yeller that Jade raised he has been our favorite horse we love him like a member of the family, Jade has competed on him for the last 9 years they made a great team.
a few weeks ago Yeller had a heart attack and died. Luckily Jade wasn't using him because he is a heel horse and Jade has been Heading this year. Jade had just bought a new head horse 1 week before Yeller died so I think that made it a little easier when he died. Not to worry bad luck once strikes again, last week we were at the rodeo in Logan and Jades new horse that he just bought coliced and died. Although we had no emotional attachment to this horse it was still a tramatic experience for us we tried all through the night to keep him alive but he kept getting worse so we had to put him down, we didn't even own him long enough to get a picture. grrr for bad luck!

(we have lots of pictures of yeller but these were the only ones on my computer)
they're not my favorite

Jade entered one rodeo (Vernal) heeling this year on Yeller and Won it and it is one of the biggest rodeos in Utah so Jade was happy to get one good last memory!