Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Sweet Little Addie!

This is our sweet little niece Addie, poor little Addie needs your prayers, last Monday she was at the arena with her dad and brother, her horse spooked and she fell off and hit her head, she wasn't breathing her dad did CPR on her and got her breathing before the ambulance got there, but because she wasn't responding they called for life flight the took her by helicopter up to primary children's. Addie has a crack in her skull luckily it there was no swelling or bleeding on her brain. She is taking a really long time to wake up but they are hopeful that there is no serious brain injuries, she is wearing a big neck brace because they are uncertain that her neck has no injuries, because she has been asleep so long she will likely have to relearn how to walk and talk. Our hearts are broken for her and her family we just keep praying for them. Today Addie is showing progress Amanda bought her a Dora movie and when she told Addie what she had gotten she reached out for it so that is HUGE, the most progress she has shown, they also ask her to find mommy and she looks right at Amanda so today is the best day she has had so far. We love Addie and her family so much and are hoping for the best! She needs lots of prayers so please pray for our dear little Addie!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Right at this moment!

Our little Mister just sleeping like he always does!

A little bit about our journey!

*Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant? In my downstairs bathroom and i didn't believe it so i took 2 more tests

*Who was with you? No One ( and I didn't want to tell Jade over the phone so I waited all day for him to come home)
*How did you find out that you were pregnant? a few home pregnancy tests
*What was your first reaction to finding out you were pregnant? I couldn't believe it because it was the first test I took and trying to get pregnant with Bray i probably took a thousand since it took 18 months of trying.
* Who was the first person you told? Jade
*Did you plan to get pregnant? YES!!
*Was everybody happy for you? YES!! Did you go out and celebrate? Nope but I wish we would have
* Did you want to find out the sex? Yes! i found out at 14 months with both I have no patience with things like that
* Did anyone throw you a baby shower? Yep I had 4, I know spoiled thanks again to all who hosted and all who came
* Did you get any outfits at the baby shower that you just knew you weren't going to put on your baby? Yep!
* How much weight did you gain? Kinda embarrassing but 40 lbs. please remember i didn't have time to loose the baby weight from the first pregnancy i know nice excuse huh?
* Did you lose all of the weight that you gained? not yet its only been 10 days
*Did you get a lot of stretch marks? Yep but not to many on my tummy
*What did you crave the most? Desert
*Did you crave anything crazy? No not really
*Who or what got on your nerves the most? not being able to sleep on my stomach
*Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? nope
*Where were you when you went into labor? Well I didn't go into labor all on my own, lets see Jade had gone to a rodeo in Logandale NV. and he begged me not to have the baby while he was gone so I didn't but while he was gone I went to the doctor and he checked me and told me i was dialated
to a 3 & 1/2 so I was a little nervous Jade might miss it, but he made it home to my moms where i was staying and we decided that before i came back out to Roosevelt i better get checked again, and that is when good ole Doc. Anderson told me I was Dilated to a 5 and asked us if we want to have a baby today? of course we said yes we were hoping that is what he would say anyway so he told us to go get our bags, gets some lunch and he would see us over at the hospital to break my water, then we got all hooked up and little to my surprise i had been having some contractions on my own that i didn't know about, but they still put me on pitosin around 2:00 to speed things up and by 11:19 that night Briten was here.
*Did your water break? not by itself
*Who drove you to the hospital? Jade
* Did you go early or late? 2 weeks early and I am glad he weighed 7lbs 13oz any longer in the oven he would have been BIG.
*Who was in the room with you when you gave birth? Just Jade and the nurses (one of which was Jamie)
*Was it video taped? No Way!
* Did you have any drugs for the pain? Epidural all the way
*Did you go Natural or have a c-section? Natural but with drugs.
* What was your first reaction after giving birth?I couldn't believe he was finally here after 3 long awaited years
*How big was the baby(s)? 7lbs 13 oz. 20 and a 1/2 inches long
*What did you name the baby(s) Briten D. Anderson
*Did the baby(s) have any complications? he wasn't breathing quite right so he had to be on oxygen for about 4 hours but nothing after that.
*How old is your baby today? 10 days.
*When is the next one(s) coming? ????? I want them close but I don't know
*If you could, would you do it all over again? For Sure
We Love our little Mister!
(so far that is what his Dad calls him or just Sir we will see which silly name sticks you know Jade and his nicknames)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Introducing Briten D. Anderson


I promise I will blog more about him in a little while right now I feel guilty playing on the silly computer when I could be playing with my new favorite toy, that is if I can steal him away from his dad (LOL).

Briten D. Anderson
April 13 2009
7lbs. 13oz.
20 1/2 Inches Tall