Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What We Have Been Up To!

Well last weekend we headed down to Scipio for the deer hunt, we had allot of fun we went with Jades Mom, Dad & Sister and our friends the Abplanalps. Jade shot one but that's just because he gets excited he thought the deer was bigger. Oh well.We had fun messing around with Kim's pistol shooting Pop cans
We kept moving our fire, because right off this little hill from our camp was a really pretty creek but in the evening it was to cold so we would go back up by our trailers it was pretty funny I think Jade and his mom singed off every hair on their arms

Briten wasn't a huge fan of camping I think it was just because he didn't get great naps.

Britens First Deer!
From left to right Jade behind him his dad Kelly his Mom Coreen, Briten, Kim, RD, Jetta & Corley

Briten is now 6 Months he can sit up and crawl he is just getting way to big and hes turned into a bit of a handful

My Mom threw my sister in law Jazlyn a Birthday party shrimp and crab boil and pumpkin carving contest my mom grew the giant pumpkin it was awesome
And Briten is a good laundry helper so I trapped him so he wouldn't mess up my piles lucky for me he loved it in there!

This weekend we are headed to the Circuit finals rodeo and to Disneyland the following weekend so I should be posting some more fun Pix I hope

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun Weekend!

This weekend Jade went Spike Elk hunting so me and Briten went to my Mom & Dads.
While we were there my dad needed help around "the Ranch" that's what we call the feed lot, anyways he needed someone to drive the tractor and help put up a fence so that is what I did and my Mom watched Briten in the car and we also did some serious shopping!

Jade and some friends went hunting and Jade was the only one to kill anything, and it sounds like they had a good time!