Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh I Forgot

Briten also started clapping his hands it is really cute, and he does it allot when he is in his high chair I think it is because the little fatso loves to eat!

More of my little man

Since my last post Briten has gotten his first haircut, lets go of the furniture and walks until he realizes he can get where he is going much faster if he just crawls, and he still destroys my house every single day I'm not sure if it is possible to be any more busy than him. He loves his daddy and being outside he sits in front of the door wishing it was spring so I would let him out. He will NOT drink milk or formula I thought I had him weaned until he changed his mind he will drink a bottle just not if it has milk or formula in it. (little terd) and he still had no sign of teethe. As for me and Jade we are still in heaven we CANNOT believe in only 3 short months he will be 1 it is seriously blowing our minds.
This is Jade hard at work he did a good job it was just a little shorter than i hoped but it is growing!

The Tornado in action

Briten loves brushing his tootheless gums while i get ready and While Jade gets him ready for bed!