Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Texas with Jade

Well I am back in Utah, I got to go rodeoing with Jade for a week down in Texas it was really fun Even though all we did was drive eat and watch the rodeos. I love being trapped in a truck for hours on end with Jade we have so much fun. Here is how our trip went we left sun. morning and we got about an hour away from home and got stuck in the snow so for two hours we sat on the side of the road waiting for some friends to bring us a 4 wheel drive truck, so we got pulled out and drove over the mountain and switched back trucks in Price, we drove to Albuquerque NM. and stayed our first night there when I got out of the truck I realized we had a problem

the tire was hissing, so the next morning Jade and Kaden got that taken care of then we were on our way again to San Angelo Tx. we got there with no more interruptions they roped there the next morning and did good (i cant remember their time) that night Me, Jade, Haley & Jason Adams, Kaden & Speed Williams went to the movie, then they roped again the next morning and did well again, we got back in the truck and drove to Belton Tx. they roped there that night and had no luck. Then we headed to Katy Tx. which is basically in Houston, they roped there and had no luck again but I got to see my grandma she was taking pictures at the ropin and I also got to eat at my favorite restaurant
I had eaten there once before and I was not going to leave Katy without eating there it is super fresh seafood and you actually feel like you are eating in a boat
from there we headed to Allen Bachs house in Millsap TX. we stayed there for the rest of the trip, it was really cool to get to rope and hang out with Allen
on Sat. we drove over to Salado Tx. to the wildfire roing where once again no luck but fun to watch then back to Allens and then I flew home on Sun. I was so sad to leave Jade he wont be home until March 1 :( I may fly to AZ and meet up with him next weekend if I cant stand being home. anyways that was our fun little trip.

Good Things Utah

My SIL (sister in law) Amanda got her and I tickets to our favorite morning show, it was so fun we made a whole day of it! And it was so great to get out of roosevelt and have some fun with Amanda! Thanks Amanda

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And There Off

Well Jade started rodeoing already, usually he doesn't start until April but not this year so far we have been to Denver CO, Farmington NM, and Rio Rancho NM. He is roping with Jazlyns little brother Kaden it is his first year he is only 18 but so far they have done pretty good in Denver they were 6.3 on their first one and 5.7 on their second one giving them a 12.0 and it took 11.9 to make the short go. (That Sucked). At both rodeos in NM they were the first team to go knowing that they had to be 5.0 or shorter they had to just go for it and it didn't really work out but they still did good. this weekend we are heading to San Angelo TX and Salado TX. I am flying home from TX on the 15th but Jade is going on to Arizona for some more rodeos and wont be home until the first week in March. Anyways boring post just to fill you in. (I like to keep track of what we have been up to for journal purposes sorry it is boring to read)