Sunday, November 29, 2009

NFR 2009

Everybody watch Kaycee my little brother has made it to the National Finals Rodeo again it starts on Thur. and goes for the next 10 nights!

Good Luck Kaycee!
click this link for the TV Schedule
and this one just for NFR home page


We got to spend Thanksgiving in Annabella with Jades side of the family we had so much fun the food was great and it is great to hang out and play games with the family!Briten has hit a mile stone he is pulling himself up on everything and he even attempts to walk along what ever he has pulled up on! oh and he also fell off of a bed for the first time it was quite traumatic (for me)!

We did allot of laying around it was so nice!

And Briten Loved playing with his Cousin Ky!
We also spent some time over at Jades Grandma & Grandpa Andersons
it was a nice visit little did we know it would be our last with Grandpa Dean we got a call this morning letting us know that had passed in his sleep last night. We will miss Grandpa Dean he was such a loving kind person it wont be the same with out him he always had a way of lighting up a room he was always so cheerful even when he wasn't feeling well!
This was the first time Brit got to meet him I wish I would have taken a picture this weekend!


Ezra & Briten
Last week me and Briten went to hang out with one of my Bestest friends Ashlee it was so fun because I never get to see her. And the boys were so funny together. Briten really want to play with Ezra, but he just isn't quite big enough to play yet.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I didn't get very many pix at Disneyland but here are a few

Briten was such a trooper!

He loved the characters when he was awake to see them

This is at Sea World

notice Britens cute Colts hat in all the pix until he threw it in with the flamingos
Halloween, Briten fell asleep when we went trick or treating so this is the only pic. of him in his costume we just hung out at our beach front hotel all day!

The highlight of our trip was the beach cruisers we rented and road up and down the board walk but i didn't get any pix.

We went to a Chargers game it was really fun its totally different than watching on TV

We rented a 15 passenger Van this is on the way back to the airport it was fun to be able to all be in the same car

Briten loves Daxtyn and sometimes Daxtyn doesn't know what to do with the love it is pretty funny

We had a super fun trip and now i am sad its over!