Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One Month, & Allot Learned

Well it has been 1 month and I cant believe it. We have learned so much, some of what I have learned...

1. Grandparents are great, and help out allot.

2. Everyone tells you having a baby is allot of work, THEY ARE RIGHT not hard work just lots of work & I love it!

3. My baby thinks he is at an all he can eat buffet, I feel like all I do is get them out and put them away!

4. I have the greatest husband ever, he helps out no matter what time it is!

5. My camera doesn't hold enough pictures!

6. That after the circumcision and belly button heal diaper changes get much easier and faster!

7. I didn't know I could love or kiss something so much!

8. Leaving the house takes allot of thought.

9. I actually can function with less than 10 hours of sleep, Much LESS!
10. I made a freakin cute baby!

I have learned so much more than this and I cant wait to keep learning more and more each day, I Love Briten so much and have totally enjoyed the first month.

Briten loves to sleep with his hands over his head like this!

His super cute church clothes, we went to church in Richfield because we were down there for mothers day, it was his first time to go to church and he fussed through most of it.

I had a great mothers day, Jade gave me an Ogio bag that i have been wanting and he said that Briten had something for me too but they accidentally left it home so I didn't get it until late Sunday night when we got home which is probably a good thing because i balled all night so I probably would have been a mess all day if he had given it to me sooner. My sister in law Jazlyn arranged and made it for Jade, it is a necklace that has on one side a pic. of Brit en and on the other a pic. of my sweet Bray's hands and feet, it is so awesome!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Addie Update

We are so proud of Addie she is making huge progress, the day we went to see her she had started to talk a little she said, Jade, Maclee, Grammy, Mom, Dad, Baby just a few words. but when we went back on sat. she was trying to put together sentences they were hard to understand but she was trying she was also identifying colors, on Friday we went to therapy with her where she was learning to sit up by herself and crawl her arms were doing awesome but her legs were being slow learners she was sitting OK by herself but still a little unstable, Saturday when we were there she was sitting fine on her own crawling great and even had started to walk with a walker. She is doing so good!

Yesterday she had allot happen she figured out how to swallow so she got her feeding tube out! then they came and took her neck brace off! YAY! we were so excited for her not to have to put up with those anymore I think they were probably bugging all of us more than Addie but we are so happy! and when I called Amanda they were on a walk around the hospital and not in a wheelchair she was holding Addie's hand and she was walking really good! We are going to see them again this weekend and we are hoping that we will be visiting them in their own house but we aren't sure yet!

Briten's Big Weekend

Addie loved getting to see baby Briten!

We have been dieing to go see Addie but we were nervous about taking Briten in the hospital being that he is just a little fart, but we finally decided it was time, so we made plans that Friday we would go see Addie in the morning, then I scheduled pictures at my moms house for the afternoon after pictures we went to dinner with friends we ended the night with Britens first sleep over at Grandmas (it didn't go great but around 2 he finally went to sleep). Next we headed up to Heriman to watch Jades little brother at the high school rodeo and then back to spend more time with Addie, after visiting Addie for a couple of hours the whole fam. decided to go to market street grille for dinner, then back home to Roosevelt. It was a fun crazy weekend and the best part was getting to see Addie doing so well!

Ky was also excited to see Baby Briten!

Briten also had his first real bath Friday morning his button fell off when I changed him in the middle of the night and I was so excited to give him his first bath I almost did it at 3:30 a.m. but I waited until morning and Jade and I bathed him super fast. He didn't love it but he also didn't hate it Jade wanted to try the chair that sits in the water and I don't think he was in the water far enough because the next bath we gave him was in his whale tub and he loved that. I cant believe he is already 3 weeks old time is flying by!